Know different types of forklift forks

Published: 04th January 2012
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There are wide varieties of forklift forks that are available in the forklift spare parts market. Different types of forks are specifically designed for different purposes. Acquiring an appropriate fork for your lift truck would result in optimum performance, less material wastage and improved overall productivity. Read on to know more about the different types of forklift forks that is designed for different purposes.

Forklift forks often tend to wear out and need replacement. There are large selections of forklift forks in the market, based on the purpose and different makes and models of the lift trucks. According to the availability of the budget, one can opt for New as well as Used forklift forks
Here, we have explained the different types of forklift forks that are generally available in the market.

Forklift forks can be broadly classified as the hook type and the pin type:
Hook Type forklift forks: These forks bend over and get locked in to the fork carriage's bar. In order to install the fork into the carriage, both the hooks of this forks slip into the end of the carriage bars. Generally trucks with the load lifting capacity of more than 14,000 pounds, make use of a hook type forklift forks.

Pin Type forklift forks: These types of forklift forks are attached to the carriage of the forklifts with the help of a shaft or a pin and are therefore known as pin type forks. There is a small opening on the top of the fork through which a shaft slides in. It is through this pin that the fork is locked to the carriage of the forklifts. Generally the lift trucks that are expected to carry huge loads make use of pin type of forklift forks.

Forklift forks can be further classified on the basis of the blades of the forks

Forklift forks with the blunt end and tapered blades: These types of forks are very well suited for simple lifting as they can be very well inserted I to the pallets. Forklift forks with blunt or tapered ends are the ultimate option for handling merchandise which is likely to be punctured with the piercing ends of the forks. For instance, plastic bins and drums and so on,
Forklift forks with the stainless steel clad blades: These types of the forklift forks are very well suited for environments that need to be kept spark free. Commonly places where paints and chemicals are handled, tends to be explosive and are therefore required to be kept spark-free. Forklift forks with stainless-steel blades are also suitable for places where ultimate hygiene is required.
Forklift forks with ITA Class 2 and Class 3 Block blades: The lift trucks that make use of forks with these types of blades are more commonly used in lifting huge concrete blocks at one go. These forklift forks are used by people in the construction trade. It consists of a concave radius along with the longer tube that helps in the application on rough areas.
Forklifts with telescopic extending blades: Manutel G2 is the best option for telescopic extending blades. They belong to the pin type category as they fix in to the equipment with the help of a locking pin which can be comfortably removed. The extension lengths of these forks are within legal maximum length permitted. The lift trucks that make use of forks with these types of blades are perfect for indoor use. However, they can be used occasionally for outdoor purposes also.
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